Far-UVC Lighting Fights Off Coronavirus 

Far-UVC light kills viruses and bacteria but does not harm humans
uv rays from the sun
(Coronavirus Today)

In an effort to combat the spread of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, a Florida based company recently announced enhanced solutions that continuously sanitize public environments using Far-Ultraviolet light (Far-UVC), which is reported to be safe for human exposure.

Far-UVC is a form of ultraviolet light, and represents a new ‘light that we can live with, not one we need to run from.’

“Our products utilize a specific wavelength of Far-UVC light that is similarly effective in killing viruses and bacteria but does not harm humans, because they cannot penetrate our skin or eyes,” said Fred Maxik, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Healthe, in a press release published on April 29, 2020.

“Healthe operates at the intersection of life and light, where we help improve human health and wellness with innovative solutions,” 

“We’ve known for decades that UV light is a powerful disinfectant, but prior products were not safe for human exposure.”

“Infectious disease, whether it was anthrax, SARS-1, the seasonal flu or the common cold, was something that we had to plan for and deal with, whether we were in DC or traveling the world,” said Dr. Richard Tubb, one of the longest-serving White House Physicians in history. 

“After analyzing the science, I am convinced that the capabilities of Far-UVC germicidal light would have helped me do my work better. And because it protects people in their environment, I believe that Healthe technology plays a critical role in getting America back to work and making for a better way of life ahead.”

Healthe’s circadian LED lighting systems have been used on the International Space Station to help regulate astronauts’ body clocks and support their mental and physical health. 

The company holds more than 400 U.S. and international patents. For more information, please visit Healthe Lighting

In related, previous news, technology developed by Columbia University’s Center for Radiological Research, a research team's experiments have shown Far-UVC effective in eradicating two types of airborne seasonal coronaviruses.

These researchers are now testing the light against the SARS-CoV-2 virus in collaboration with Thomas Briese and W. Ian Lipkin of the Center for Infection and Immunity in a biosafety laboratory on Columbia's medical center campus.

“Far-UVC light has the potential to be a ‘game-changer,’” said David Brenner, professor of radiation biophysics and director of the center.

“It can be safely used in occupied public spaces, and it kills pathogens in the air before we can breathe them in.”

Additionally, news reports indicate the New York City subway system will begin disinfecting its trains with UV lighting systems.

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