CDC’s Communities of Faith Recommendations Released

CDC suggests protections should be feasible, practical, and consistent with the needs and religious beliefs of each local community
inside a church of worship with people praying

Across America, states and localities are experiencing different stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, reported the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Many state and local officials have determined to begin moving gradually and strategically toward reopening their regions. 

To offer additional guidance, the CDC published information on May 22, 2020, to help prevent exposures to COVID-19 in facilities used by communities of faith and to keep their staff and attendees as healthy as possible as they exercise their faith.

The CDC’s statement says ‘gathering together for worship is at the heart of many faith traditions. 

Because there are several published reports of COVID-19 outbreaks sparked by large gatherings, both non-religious and religious in nature, the recommendations released today will help guide faith communities while respecting their fundamental right to gather for worship.

Implementation should be guided by what is feasible, practical, and consistent with the needs and religious beliefs of each community. 

Decisions and strategies on reopening are implemented at the state, tribal, local, and territorial levels based on their phased reopening plan.  

Each locale is different, and individual jurisdictions have the authority and local public health data and information needed to protect their communities without discrimination against religion. 

The CDC is continuing to work with state, tribal, local, and territorial leaders to provide technical assistance and resources that can help support decisions to protect health and prevent the spread of COVID-19 consistent with the free exercise rights of people of faith’, concluded this CDC statement.

For more information, visit this CDC webpage.

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