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Russia's President Receives Booster Vaccination

November 21, 2021 • 12:41 pm CST
(Coronavirus Today)

TASS reported today Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed he received a third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

"Today, I received another dose of vaccine - Sputnik Light, at your recommendation, at the recommendation of your colleagues. It is called revaccination," he commented.

Mr. Putin said he feels well after being revaccinated with Sputnik Light earlier in the day. "I feel nothing. I am in normal condition. Everything is all right," he said.

"To date, more than 50 million people in Russia have received this vaccine and still more people in the world, nearly 120 million have got vaccinated with this vaccine in those countries which recognized it."

 Sputnik Light is the first component (recombinant human adenovirus 26 serotype (rAd26) of the Sputnik V vaccine. It was registered in May 2021.

The Sputnik Light vaccine is based on a proven and well-studied platform of human adenoviral vectors. Adenoviruses, which are found in the respiratory tract and cause acute respiratory infections, have become a commonly used virus to engineer vectors. 

The effectiveness of Sputnik Light was found at 79.4% based on the analysis of data from the 28th day after receiving immunization.

The cost of the Sputnik Light vaccine could be less than $10, while it has simple storage requirements, at +2 +8, which provide for easy logistics.

As of November 21, 2021, the Sputnik Light vaccine was available in over (20) countries.