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Argentina Finds This COVID-19 Vaccine Very Effective

July 19, 2021 • 11:21 am CDT
(Coronavirus Today)

TASS reported on July 17, 2021, research conducted by Argentina’s National Scientific and Technological Research Council found Sputnik V vaccine induces long-term immunity in more than 90% of vaccinated people.

"A considerable T-lymphocyte response shows that protection will remain for a long time. There remain memory lymphocytes that record the coronavirus and remember it," Buenos Aires Province Health Minister Daniel Gollan stated to local media. "When they reencounter the coronavirus, they will quickly produce antibodies and 'killer cells' that will kill the virus."

Previously, the journal Cell Reports Medicine published a study on July 9, 2021: Sputnik V Vaccine Elicits Seroconversion and Neutralizing Capacity to SARS CoV-2 after a Single Dose.

These researchers evaluated SARS-CoV-2-specific antibody responses after Sputnik V vaccination of healthcare workers in Argentina, measuring IgG anti-spike titers and neutralizing capacity after one and two doses in a cohort of naïve or previously infected volunteers.

By 21 days after receiving the first dose of vaccine, 94% of naïve participants develop spike-specific IgG antibodies.

Furthermore, a single Sputnik V (Light) dose elicits higher antibody levels and virus-neutralizing capacity in previously infected individuals than in naïve ones receiving the full two-dose schedule.

After a single dose in naïve participants, the high seroconversion rate suggests a benefit of delaying second dose administration to increase the number of people vaccinated. The data presented provide information for guiding public health decisions in light of the current global health emergency, stated these researchers.