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Indoor Masking Remains a Public Health Priority

April 24, 2022 • 6:52 am CDT
by Marcos Cola
(Coronavirus Today)

The U.S. CDC recently announced 'to protect CDC’s public health authority beyond the ongoing assessment announced last week, the CDC has asked DOJ to proceed with an appeal in Health Freedom Defense Fund, Inc., et al., v. Biden, et al.'

The CDC recommends that people wear masks in all indoor public transportation settings.

The CDC’s number one priority is protecting our nation's public health.

As we have said before, wearing masks is most beneficial in crowded or poorly ventilated locations, such as the transportation corridor.

When people wear a well-fitting mask or respirator over their nose and mouth in indoor travel or public transportation settings, they protect themselves and those around them, including those who are immunocompromised or not yet vaccine-eligible, and help keep travel and public transportation safer for everyone.

'It is CDC’s continuing assessment that at this time, an order requiring masking in the indoor transportation corridor remains necessary for public health,' wrote the CDC on April 20, 2022.

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