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Delta-Cron Causing COVID-19 Cases in Europe

March 15, 2022 • 9:24 am CDT
Image by TheAndrasBarta
(Coronavirus Today)

CNBC reported today France, Switzerland, Italy, and the Netherlands see increased SARS-CoV-2 virus infections, aided by the spread of subvariant BA.2.

Known as 'Deltacron,' the hybrid variant is considered 1.5 extra transmissible than the initial Omicron variant. 

The BA.2 variant is now chargeable for over half of the new cases in Germany, reported AFP.

In France, evidence for a Delta-Omicron virus has been shared by Institut Pasteur via GISAID.

The analysis provides definite confirmation of the structure of a recombinant virus derived from the GK/AY.4 and GRA/BA.1 lineages.

This recombinant virus identified in several regions of France by the EMERGEN consortium has been circulating since early January 2022.

Further investigations are needed to determine if these recombinants derive from a single common ancestor or could result from multiple similar recombination events.

Note: This news post integrated various media reports and was edited for clarity.