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India Has Three COVID-19 Vaccine Options

June 11, 2021 • 8:54 am CDT
(Coronavirus Today)

Prof Ashok Rattan is a veteran medical microbiologist in India, wrote an article published by BioVoice on June 11, 2021, discussing how the 'Sputnik V vaccine could accelerate the vaccination drive in India.'

This article is excerpted below:

'India has acted as the hub for testing samples of the Sputnik V vaccine, also produced in the country. The country has taken the onus of producing millions of doses of the vaccine- both for local use and export.

This is to say that with India’s image as the world’s biggest vaccine maker and world-class production and export capabilities, it is the ideal partner to Russia’s long-standing track record as medical pioneers.

India’s vaccine policy has a sole purpose- to strengthen the whole vaccine program in the country.

As we know, vaccines have been one of the great public health tools in India, and the Indian vaccine industry has also made great inroads in the national and global vaccine scenario.

The focus should be now on continued evaluation of the policies to keep up with the volatile nature of the pandemic and to ultimately ensure that we come out of this stronger,' concluded Rattan's edited comments.

Prof Ashok Rattan was conferred APJ Abdul Kalam Award for Lifetime Contribution to Medical Sciences in 2018 and Shriniwas Oration in 2021 by the Indian Association of Microbiologists for his contribution to the laboratory diagnosis of Tuberculosis. Currently, he is an Advisor at Pathkind Laboratories.