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Heart Disease and COVID-19 Should Not Mix

June 10, 2021 • 5:19 pm CDT
(Coronavirus Today)

A new study published by the European Heart Journal - Quality of Care & Clinical Outcomes on June 9, 2021, consolidate evidence to determine the association between cardiovascular risk factors and health outcomes with COVID-19. The study authors identified a total of 32 reviews published in 2020, including studies of up to 45,000 patients with COVID-19. 

Heart disease was linked with nearly four-fold odds of severe COVID-19, while the odds were more than doubled for hypertension and diabetes and 80% higher in smokers than non-smokers.

Study author Stephanie Harrison, Ph.D., of the University of Liverpool stated in a related press release, “One possible explanation may be that cardiovascular disease, or its risk factors, may cause changes to pathways which impact the body’s ability to respond to the virus effectively.”

“Many of the cardiovascular risk factors associated with more severe consequences from COVID-19 are potentially modifiable."

“Clinicians and policymakers should consider that strategies which improve cardiovascular health may also improve outcomes for people following COVID-19.”

"Our study indicates that COVID-19 patients with heart disease or its risk factors are at greater risk of hospitalization, ventilation, or death due to COVID-19 and might need more intense treatment and monitoring," concluded Dr. Harrison.

Public Health England funded this work.