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United Arab Emirates Approves the Sputnik V Vaccine

January 21, 2021 • 8:00 am CST
(Coronavirus Today)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Health and Prevention announced on January 21, 2021, it has approved the COVID-19 vaccine, Sputnik V, for emergency use, making it the third such vaccine to be approved for use in the UAE. The decision comes as part of the UAE's comprehensive and integrated efforts to ensure increased prevention levels against the virus and to safeguard the country's citizens' and residents' health, stated a press release.

The UAE has hosted the third phase of clinical trials of the vaccine. The study results demonstrated the Sputnik V vaccine's effectiveness in triggering a strong antibody response against the virus, its safety for use, and its compliance with international safety and effectiveness standards.

Sputnik V is a vector vaccine based on adenovirus DNA, in which the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus gene is integrated. Adenovirus is used as a “container” to deliver the coronavirus gene to cells and start the synthesis of the new coronavirus's envelope proteins, “introducing” the immune system to a potential virus.

Additionally, the UAE's Ministry of Health and Prevention has announced the total number of vaccine doses provided stands at 2,246,069, with a rate of vaccine distribution of 22.71 doses per 100 people. The Emirates has a population of about 9.7 million. The vaccination drive is in line with the Ministry's plan to provide the vaccine to all society members and acquire herd immunity, which will help reduce the number of cases and control the virus's spread.

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