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Long-COVID Survey Gets Shorter

January 28, 2023 • 1:08 pm CST
KFF Jan 2023 the Percentage who Currently Have Long COVID is Declining
(Coronavirus Today)

The Kaiser Family Foundation's (KFF) recent analysis of the Household Pulse Survey says there is still a great deal of uncertainty about long COVID and whether there will be increased long COVID cases.

Estimates of the effects of long COVID on the workforce range from about 500,000 to as many as 4 million people, as of January 26, 2023.

The recent KFF online survey administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the percentage of respondents who have had COVID-19 and currently report long COVID symptoms declined from 19% in June 2022 to 11% in January 2023.

And the share of people who have ever reported long COVID fell from 35% to 28% over the same period.

Among people with long COVID, 79% report having limitations to their day-to-day activities, and 27% characterize the limitations as significant. 

Previously, the Department of Health and Human Services released in August 2022, a National Research Action Plan on long COVID aimed at providing a call to action for public and private researchers to accelerate their work.

And the federal RECOVER initiative aims to understand how people recover and why some people don’t.