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Denmark's High Vaccination Rate Delays COVID-19 Vaccination Invitations

April 28, 2022 • 5:40 am CDT
by Oleg Ilyushin
(Coronavirus Today)

The Danish Health Authority recently announced it is suspending its COVID-19 vaccination efforts, given the high vaccine uptake and the diminishing epidemic.

However, they added that the vaccine program would 'resume in Fall 2022 when SARS-CoV-2 virus infections could increase.'

Since December 2020, over 4.8 million citizens have accepted the COVID-19 vaccination, and over 3.6 million have received 3rd dose.

Thus, Denmark's population has a high level of vaccine-induced immunity.

"Spring has arrived, and we have good control of the epidemic, which seems to be subsiding. Admission rates are stable, and we also expect them to fall soon. Therefore, we round up the mass vaccination program against covid-19," said Bolette Søborg, unit manager at the National Board of Health, in a press statement issued on April 26, 2022.

"This means, among other things, that from May 15, 2022, we will no longer send out invitations for COVID-19 vaccination."

Meanwhile, Danish experts will thoroughly assess vaccine program policies, with a release of the 2022-2023 plan expected before the summer holidays.

The National Board of Health recommends that people receive their entire vaccine course. 

And the fourth dose is recommended for those with very weakened immune systems.

'If you have an individual need for vaccination that is not due to a health professional recommendation, you also can be vaccinated. However, in that case, it is a prerequisite that the vaccination takes place within the National Board of Health guidelines.'

Furthermore, there has been an increase in adherence to more childhood vaccinations.

'We have a child vaccination program in Denmark that we can be proud of.'

'It is gratifying that parents have backed the program despite the covid-19 epidemic.'

Note: These Danish press statements were edited for clarity and manually curated for mobile readers.